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Big Basin Public Water Initiative

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Our Association has been established to help community members served by Big Basin Water Company to have a more effective, unified voice and a seat at the table for decisions that affect the future of our water system.

If you would like to become a member of the Big Basin Public Water Initiative please fill out the form below.


BBPWI is an entirely volunteer association, with no dues or fees of any kind. Any individual, public organization, business, or private incorporated or unincorporated association that supports the Association's objectives and purpose is eligible to apply for membership.

The Association's purpose is to represent, advocate for, and communicate on behalf of customers served by BBWC, as well as to enable and facilitate customer communication with state agencies, and with county, state, and federal elected representatives.

Members of BBPWI can get involved in several ways, and we welcome ideas from customers. One of the biggest needs is to improve and expand how we can get key information to customers, especially those not on social media or without regular internet access. Another is researching, educating, and engaging customers on the topic of water conservation. 


Who We Are: The Association's Founding Members

  • Shandra Hunt, Facilitator and Trustee, is a notary public and loan signing agent  

  • Patrick Labruzzo, Director and Trustee, is a water utility engineer and a licensed Professional Engineer

  • Julie Jennings, Secretary, is a budget manager for the City of San Jose

  • Alison Breeze, Director, is a reliability/failure analysis engineer

  • Ann Thryft, Director, is a technology journalist and certified communications professional.


Our combined experience includes


·      Familiarity with legal procedures, and the financial and organizational issues of companies and government agencies

·      Familiarity with and expertise in government-related operations, processes and public funding

·      Expertise in engineering and managing water utility systems

·      Familiarity with and understanding of complex, detailed processes and how to anticipate potential roadblocks to desired outcomes 

·      Expertise in effective communications of all types to all kinds of audiences, including media, the public, companies, government agencies, and elected officials.

Mission Statement 
“Obtain safe, reliable, consistent, affordable water for the community currently served by Big Basin Water Company.”

Membership request

Please fill out the following form to become a member of Big Basin Public Water Initiative

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By submitting this form to become a member of Big Basin Public Water Initiative, I agree to adhere to the mission statement and Articles of the Association of Big Basin Public Water Initiative. I agree to receive email notifications from Big Basin Public Water Initiative.

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