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As of 9/29/2023 Big Basin Water Co. has been appointed to a receivership

Updates from the receiver can be found on the Big Basin Water Co. website


New Customer Group Forming:  Big Basin Public Water Initiative

This website has been provided to customers to keep everyone updated on the Big Basin Water system, and we have some news to share:

We've created a new formal, all-volunteer association - Big Basin Public Water Initiative (BBPWI) —


Our goal is to help all customers to have a focused, more effective, unified voice in the future of our water system. We want to advocate for safe, reliable, consistent, affordable water for all BBW customers.

As of 4/7/2024

The following information has been confirmed by the receiver of BBWC.

Bills will go out next week and will include information about the approved rate increase.

The rate increase will be in effect on the next bill.

Please be aware your bill may be higher than expected due to the gap in billing.

Billing will be transitioned to monthly and an online bill pay option may be available in the future.

The receiver controls all of the revenue and accounts of BBWC.

There are approximately 100 customers (20%) who received bills and have not sent their payment This has a significant negative impact on everyone.

Please send your payment and promptly pay the new bill.

This is critical to keep the water flowing. BBWC is purchasing the majority of our water from SLVWD to meet demand and avoid outages. SLVWD rates are notably more than what we are charged by BBWC.

Cypress Water Services is working to replace meters that are defective.

If you suspect your meter is not working properly you need to contact Cypress Water Services.

If you have not received a bill you need to contact Cypress Water Services.

There are homes receiving BBWC supplied water who have never paid for their water service.

If you are one of those, or know of one of those, please contact Cypress Water Services.

It is critical everyone using water to be paying for their usage. Those who are not paying are passing the cost onto everyone else.

The receiver expects to schedule a Town hall in May to update the community about the current state of our water system.

Cypress at or (831) 920-6796

Big Basin Water Company Frequently Asked Questions Updated on February 28, 2024

Governance options analysis report by LAFCO

Proposed annual budget for BBWC by the receiver 1/2/2024 

Case update filed by the receiver 12/15/2023

Click the link below for more information on the duties of the receiver

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