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Updates from the receiver can be found on the Big Basin Water Co. website

As of 9/29/2023 Big Basin Water Co. has been appointed to a receivership

Proposed annual budget for BBWC by the receiver 1/2/2024 

Case update filed by the receiver 12/15/2023

Click the link below for more information on the duties of the receiver

Current update as of 1/20/2024

On 1/19/24 the receiver, Nicolas Jabor, and the assistant Attorney General, Tiffany Yee, appeared at a Superior Court OSC Hearing regarding: Approval of the 2024 Annual Budget Proposed by the receiver.

The judge voiced two concerns regarding:

1) The basis for the large annual budget request

2) Proposed funding for the proposed budget.


The receiver explained the amounts presented in the budget were based on information from Cypress Water Services, the current operator of the system.      (view the proposed budget here ------>. 


The receiver informed the judge he has been working with the county and state to increase the current scope and amount of the existing grant of $240,000. An increase  of $610,000 was approved. The grant now totals $850,000.

The grant will now cover;

1) project management

2) rehabilitation of the BBW infrastructure

3) operational costs

4) some support of the consolidation effort.

The Judge was satisfied with the responses and stated he will sign the budget request.

The next court hearing is scheduled for March 24, 2024 8:30am.

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