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Current status of BBWC

  • BBWC has a signed purchase agreement with Central States Water Resources (CSWR) they are a utility corporation located in Missouri.

  • The formal paperwork required for the acquisition has not been filed with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) or California Division of Drinking Water (DDW). BBWC is currently still owned by the Moores'. The Moores' hold the operating permit.

  • CSWR has a temporary operations agreement to manage BBWC.

  • CSWR has hired Cypress Water Services located in Prunedale to make the necessary repairs and bring the system into compliance.

  • Cypress Water Services will issue any necessary boil notices. The boil notices will be conveyed by CSWR.

  • CSWR will handle all billing. 

  • This arrangement will continue until further notice.

  • The DDW is still pursuing the receivership of BBC.

Please make all efforts to continue to conserve water. All of the BBWC customers are still being served by a single well. The current draw is approx. 175,000 - 200,000 gallons per day.

New FAQ sheet released Sept. 8, 2023

Division of Drinking Water Statement about Recent Big Basin Water Company Changes

Signed purchase agreement

Temporary operations agreement

Previous acquisition cases by Central States Water Resources

California Division of Drinking Water Power Point Presentation for the July 13, 2023
public meeting to discuss the receivership of Big Basin Water

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The public can track the progress of the lawsuit online on the Court's website.

Direct link: 

Receivership hearing: Sept. 29, 2023 8:30 am
701 Ocean St. Santa Cruz, Ca  Department 5


This site has been created by a group of Big Basin Water customers to provide information to the customers of Big Basin Water on the community movement to obtain a consistent, safe, and reliable water service.​ We have been reaching out to our elected officials and governing entities for options to help BBW recover and repair our water system, which has suffered a multitude of hardships and is currently unable to provide consistent service for the customers.

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