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Issues Impacting BBWC Customers

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*Assuming 5/8”x 3/4” meter, billing every other month, not including assessments or taxes or any other additional charges

**Estimated water usage as stated in BBWC Advice Letter is 18.6 CCF equal to 13,914 gallons or 1860 cubic feet (BBWC’s unit of measure on their bill)

Private vs Public Water Service Provider Organizations

Private water service organizations or companies (for-profit) cannot access government funds. Public water service organizations (non-profit) can access government funds. With an estimated $40,000,000 needed in repairs to our current water system, access to government funds is essential.

BBWC is For Sale

Big Basin Water Company (BBWC) is in discussions with another private water company interested in purchasing the system. Since private companies cannot access government funds, our water system cannot be brought into compliance unless exorbitant costs are paid by the customers ($40,000,000).

Watershed Land Previously Used by BBWC is For Sale

Watershed land previously used by BBWC to supply water to its customers is for sale. Reduced source capacity for the future will result if the land sells separately from the company.

All Water Supplied Comes from a Single Well

BBWC’s water source for all of their customers is one well, deemed by the State Water Resources Control Board to have insufficient source capacity for the customer base. Previously, this one well was used only as a backup source; now, it is the ONLY source. If it fails, there will be no water service to anyone.

State Water Board is Pursuing a Receivership of BBWC

A receiver is a person appointed by a judge to manage a business on a temporary basis until it can be brought back into compliance with state regulation. The ownership is not altered. This pursuit will require the State Water Board to file a lawsuit requesting that a judge appoint a receiver. If the judge agrees, a receiver will be appointed. The entire process could take many months. A receivership paves the way for negotiations and consolidation with public entities to utilize funding available from the state to repair our water system. A future meeting between the State Water Board and customers to understand the receivership is expected.

Community Outreach

A website has been created by a group of BBW customers for the exclusive use of its customers. This site is independent and not affiliated with BBWC. Use this site to learn what is currently happening and what may happen with our water supply. This site allows users to share information, ask questions, and interact with other BBW customers.

Although there are two private groups on the social media platforms of Facebook and NextDoor, the website consolidates the information for all customers to access. Please visit instead of using the private groups on Facebook and NextDoor.


Big Basin Water Customers is a public NextDoor group and is the best location to report reduced water pressure, outages, observed leaks, learn when water service will be restored, and if a boil notice has been lifted. BBWC routinely posts current information about the status of the system on this group.

Water Conservation

Despite the recent epic storms this winter, our community has experienced many droughts throughout its history. Water conservation is important to ensure everyone supplied by the BBWC system actually receives water. Some customers at higher elevations lose water service when others on the system don’t use it wisely. Please visit the NextDoor Water Conservation Ideas Group to learn and share ideas about water conservation.

State Water Resources Control Board Letter to BBWC Dated February 28, 2023

Several issues and ongoing violations were cited in a letter from the State Water Resources Board to BBWC which has led the organization to pursue a receivership of BBWC. This letter is available on our community website: The following is an excerpt from that letter: “...BBWC must ensure a reliable and adequate supply of water at all times that is pure, wholesome, potable, and does not endanger the health of its consumers. BBWC is not currently satisfying that obligation as it does not have the technical, managerial, and financial capacity to operate a public water system, and it is unresponsive to the rules and orders of the Division.”

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